Steering Committee

  • Present as signing authority in all legal matters
  • Formulate and facilitate vision and mission of the organization
  • Coordinate and communicate with regional representatives
  • Oversee the operation of fundraising and fund distribution
  • Articulate and set action plans, strategies and timelines

Working Committees

Fundraising and Outreach

  • Execute fundraising tasks including setting up fundraising goals, themes and methods
  • Recruit more supporters and promote organization’s mission
  • Collaborate and implement fundraising strategy with regional representatives around the world


  • Set up and manage fundraising platform including online and offline systems 
  • Facilitate banking and fund transfer between systems
  • Set up and manage collaboration suites such as Google Suite including email systems
  • Set up and manage websites and social media platforms
  • Register and maintain non-profit status


  • Manage and monitor revenue and expense of the organization using relevant accounting tools 
  • Prepare and submit weekly and monthly report of financial flow to the Steering Committee
  • Create internal controls and accountabilities policies 

Social Media

  • Set up and manage various social media platforms especially Facebook and Twitter of the organization
  • Support and work with Fundraising Working Committee through social media
  • Promote organization’s mission and visions on Social Media 
  • Share and distribute the news in support of the people‚Äôs movement on Social Media


  • Publish news regularly on the website both in English and Burmese
  • Synthesize and write updates and highlights of general news focusing on restoration of federal democracy, anti-coup and anti-military

Internal support

  • Organize and provide material and monetary support to partners and colleagues inside Burma
  • Provide coordination and collaboration between groups for collective strategy and mission
  • Strengthen relationships and maintain communications with activists and CDM participants in the border regions
  • Continue monitoring to extend support to more CDM participants, activists and everyone

Regional Representatives

  • Promote the work of SOS Burma in the residence country
  • Support fundraising activities by recruiting and asking for donations from local friends and family

Country of operations

  • Canada
    • Canada East
    • Canada West
  • USA
    • USA East
    • USA West
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • India

Committee Membership Terms of Reference

  • The term of membership of each committee is limited to 2 years and can be renewed through nomination process
  • Each committee will have a minimum of three and a maximum of five members
  • Each committee must have at least one or more female members and works towards gender parity
  • All committee members are selected through open nomination
  • Each member can sit in a maximum of 3 committees (including Regional Representatives)
  • Each member will pay a monthly membership fee of $200 USD (including Regional Representatives) 
  • Only a paying member can sit in the committees
  • Committee membership can be revoked at any time by a simple majority vote for violation of code of conduct